A shortened version of "What's up", which replaces greetings such as "Hello", "How are you?", "What's going on?", etc. This phrase was possibly made popular in the 1940's from a cartoon called Bugs Bunny, when the rabbit said his famous catch phrase, "Eh...What's up, doc?".

If you are not a social recluse then you will most likely be asked "Whatsup?" multiple times a day and be expected to answer with the vague "nothin", "not shit", "chillin", etc.

Other ways to say whatsup:

How's it hanging?, How ya derrin?, How ya doin?, What ho, What it be?, What it do?, What it is?, What's clickin?, What's crackin'?, What's poppin?, What's new?, What gives?, What's cookin?, What's crackalackin?, What's happenin?, etc.
Ex 1:

Ex 2:
Whatsup mothafucka?

Ex 3:
Bob- Hey girl, whatsup?
Lucy- The sky!
Bob- (Smart ass...)

Ex 4:
Bob- Hey man, whatsup?
Jones- Not shit man.
by singingbeauty June 25, 2011
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A question that means "hi" or "What are you doing"
It can get annoying, but people don't seem to understand that.
The best way to answer is "I think it's the opposite of down" if you are annoyed by this question
by The Billionth Random Monkey December 15, 2014
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How people who are too lazy to add a single apostrophe to a word, spell the phrase, "What's up?" (What-is-up?).
Man: Hey man! Whats up! I'm so lazy that I decided to leave the apostrophe out of "what's", that way I can conserve more energy. You know, because I oppose global warming and all that.
by Hold My Umbrella June 14, 2011
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An extremely annoying phrase used by people who have never heard of "hello." Usually people ask this when they are bored, expecting the person they're asking to entertain them.
Guy: what's up?
other guy: *sigh* stop trying to make me entertain you.
by The Ironic Geek September 27, 2015
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Used to ask an indiviudal how things are going. Can be responded to in urban settings by using the word Chillin or in Jamaica by saying Cool
A- Yo man what's up?

B- Chilllin
by ICO777 August 12, 2009
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A question about what another has his attention on. What is he thinking about or busy with? "Up" in this usage is referring to a slag from around the 1930s meaning: occupied with or busy with.
When I saw him he was angry so I asked "what's up?". But he would not tell me what he was angry about.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
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