A phrase used generally to replace the name of someone when you have forgotten who you were going to talk about. This is similar to What's his face? or What's her face?, but usually catches the other person off guard.
Guy 1: So what are you doing for Labor Day this year?
Guy 2: Oh you know, I'm going home to play a game of football with what's his nuts, the guy who always ran an extra mile after gym practice.
by 403forbidden September 3, 2006
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A phrase to refer to a guy when you can't remember his name, similar to what's-his-name. Also the masculine version of what's-her-tits.
You want tix to the show? You should talk to what's-his-nuts -- y'know the guy, Mark's roommate.
by cryinghill May 28, 2005
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a name for a gentleman or bull dike whose name can not be recalled
Isn't Sally getting jack hammered by whats-his-nuts?

That bull dike kinda looks like whats-his-nuts from The A Team.
by smokingreen94z January 1, 2006
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Another saying in place of "Whats his face?"
A..."Hey! isn't the guy you were talking about earlier?''
A..."O whats his nuts."
by lilp123 April 23, 2013
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Phrase used directly in place of "What's her/his name?"
What's his nuts? Didn't he go out with what's her cunt?
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
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