1. What up? Gang associations. Crip variant. What's poppin is the Blood counterpart.

Losing gang associations, appropriated into standard vocab from media exposure.
2. sarcastic way to say what up to a crackhead or other drug addict
1.a Big Homey: What's crackin, Cuz?

.b white kid: (seeing partner) Yo, what's crackin?
2. "Hey Tyone, whats crackin? It's still 187 on a MF Rock.
by Ernie188 September 26, 2009
Yo dawg whats crackin? Did u pop a cap in that blood's ass the other day?
by RyRy February 4, 2004
What's going on?
Fat bitch: What's crackin'?
Me, nice guy: The floor fat bitch.
by AYO IM BLU3 January 11, 2021
Means : 'What's doing'?
'What's going on'?
'What's up'?
by Diego July 17, 2003