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1) A phrase uttered in angst when on the ultimate self-journey to discovering why you lack a boyfriend.

2) A mathematical equation that makes sense to a whore.

From a video that originated on tumblr and reached Youtube in June 2011.
It's a video basically doing crazy stuff that I think guys like in a girl, like being dumb and a slut... and a "good time." K? So this is just gonna be me doing crazy stuff. K. Cuz I don't have a boyfriend, so I've kind of been wondering what's wrong with me, besides the fact that I don't have any boobs. I'm a full package you guys, except without the package. No I'm just kidding. Ok, so it's gonna start now. (Now, say "Do you like me now?" x 1000, put on excessive makeup, make yourself incredibly moist, fluff up your hair, do a myspace pose, lift up your shirt, and party boy. Eventually you will want to say "What's 2+2? Gonorrhea.")
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