When you want to say "what the fuck" but you are always thinking about tits on some subsconscious level, and as such, you say "what the tits" instead.

Also use: Why the tits? Who the tits? Tits the tits?
Jennifer, you ate all the rice! WHAT THE TITS??!
by Freddizle fo' Shizzle April 27, 2016
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A phrase to refer to a girl when you can't remember her name, similar to what's-her-name. Also the feminine version of what's-his-nuts.
What's-her-tits left her shit here again, I hate it when she does that!
by cryinghill May 28, 2005
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term used when a girl is PMSing or being the usual nagging, negative sadistic whore that she is.
Jen isn't coming out anymore, she says shes not in the mood
what's twisting that bitch's tit?
by porneggs May 29, 2006
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The female equivalent of "what's his name?" when trying to remember someone's name.
Oh my God, like that girl we met at that party...you know?...What's her tits, there.
by yursh22 August 31, 2017
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