"what a gangster"
Typical used to describe someone who isn't actually a gangster but does something pretty fucking cool
*flips water bottle and it lands on the firsts try*
*friends in the background*
"What a g"
by Gang all day December 19, 2016
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A slang way of saying hey or what you doin
Guy#1- “YO what’s up G
Guy#2- “Nothin, just chillin
by Yo G from the hood May 12, 2019
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what the g in gggggggggggoing on
by hhggggggggggggggggg December 1, 2017
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meaning what’s good
a natural progression from the ever shortening abbreviations

cooler than saying “what’s gd”

still an underground phrase so makes you sound cool & in the know
A: “what’s g”
B: “i’m doing well man hbu
by nine-knives April 9, 2020
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