when something is so incredibly fucking stupid and shocking u are left speechless and fucking fuck says it all for u
“did u see brendon urie getting fingered in the kitchen?”

*sends pic*
“what in the actual fucking fuck is this”
by some of yall fucking weird October 14, 2020
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Can be shortened to WTKFF, a synonym of wtf.
The colonel walks into the store to find an employee fucking the chicken sandwich, "What the Kentucky Fried Fuck!" he shouts
by Anson's Mate April 8, 2020
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a way to address a room full of people, in a public and/or private place, perhaps after one of those " i just don't give a shit" days.
scene: walking into the break room after you've realized the last 4 hours you've been working have produced nothing but shit.

enter room:
person 1: hey bill whats going on
person 2: bill, BILL, billy boy!
person 3: hey billy

bill: (mumbles) yeah um hum... WHAT'S UP YOU MOTHER FUCKS! hows your day asshole? Mine's turned to shit how about that? :promply walk to the vending machine grab your snack in the midst of the silence and go outside to smoke:
by jadiepoetatie January 29, 2007
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Something you say when someone says something very cursed and/or messed up.
“I killed 17 people including my mother :D”
“Excuse me but what the fuck.”
by mohawkgavin May 1, 2021
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oh my God what the fuck is when you get so fucking confused you COMPLETELY lose ou fucking mind!
1: entry Bebe rv DB f WCW cc'ed savesc 2: omg what the fuck
by rainbowJFS March 5, 2021
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it means im garbage at the game and put the blame on the game physics and im 9 years old and if my parents are home i would get wooped
*dies* BROOOOOOOOO WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!!?!!?!
by DerxZ May 7, 2021