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Wham line according to TVTropes is employed when someone invokes something extremely psychological or philosophy laced in a dark tone -- it's the thing where Black Comedy sometimes ensues, edit wars on wordpress comments, LiveJournal gang ups, twitter gangups, copyrape by blogtroll, and the industry when pissed at me because I am fond of using double homicide laced wham-lines and it's the polite term for freight-trained as Fandom Wank was pissed when An Eye In Shadows emerged because I had the rapid fire wham-lines at Mindset aka her real name. Holden's Counterpart has a whamline in form of a question, as The Fandom Writer whamline is "you're a thief with a word processor." The light blue blog is notorious for wham-lining as I laid into the cabal when I had a 13,000 word pdf hammering into each of them equating e-book piracy to sneaking into a movie theater with a smart phone and making a video of the damn thing then uploading this to Youtube. Ghosts in the Tornado is known for a very explicit barbed whamline at Jehovah's Witnesses implying how God really hates them as the line had my room mate at the time howling when he beta read this. It's known for the ghoulish storm humor. Ghoulish humor is laced with whamlines if you look close enough.
Kealan Patrick Burke's response to The Fandom Writer's infamous wham line was a weak display of double homicide profanity as he threatened to fly to Chicago to put him into a wall. The author employed slur laced wham lines on his tumblr blog barbed at him such as "Fucking Drunk Leprechaun" and to the blogtroll who lifted his psychological vampire story named for the goth hard rock track of the same name "Non Educated Delinquent" who happens to be a cross-dresser. The blogtroll tweeted a 'wooden spoon' as a barb as he joked to VampireFreaks admin and his cousin who worked at the Illinois School of Broadcasting, the admin was trying to understand the unique problems Italian-Americans face. The 'wooden spoon' joke came up from his cousin. Some in the LiveJournal circles noticed the brass balls of the then Goth LiveJournal admin during the era; when he revealed he is a Conservative and introduced The Cabbie Homicide.
by illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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