An exceptionally huge and loose vagina, usually made so by the repeated pounding of many male visitors. It is sometimes such a severe medical condition that the woman loses usefulness when she is finally no longer able to bring a man to orgasm. This condition is a sore side-effect of being a dirty whore. See also itchy vagina, diseased vagina, smelly vagina, STD collector, dirty vagina, putrid vagina.
Ashley informed all her friends that her one-night-stand Tim had an tiny penis when actually she had a slutty whale's vagina.
by jgreeter March 19, 2007
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there are many definitions for such a word,
mostly refering to someone as homosexual or stupid.
1. dude you are such a whale vag.

2. ughh. i look like such a whale vagina!
by meggorine July 12, 2008
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The definition of having Whale Vagina Disorder is to have a small penis and lopsided balls and not get any ass. They are very homosexual and enjoy to eat there own shit.
I'm Vince and i have Whale Vagina Disorder, get at me(;
by LAUREN, the boss. April 07, 2011
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When Covid related postponements destroy your Fantasy Football lineup and you can't field a starting roster.
Ferg's team had a Whale's Vagina situation when the Titans and Steelers postponed.. He could only utilize 7 of his 16 fantasy football players.
by Clowns taste funny October 02, 2020
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When a vagina literally look like it can swallow you up like krill then spit you out its blow hole
Look out for the girl with the vagina whale my friend lost his left nut to her
by Darkeningdaffy April 18, 2015
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