To celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol or more usually an excuse for a drinking spree.
Congratulations Bill! How about we go out tonight to wet the baby's head?
by VAKI5 May 7, 2005
When you and another person have a wet dream in the same bed a wet dream baby is conceived
I never thought I'd be 16 and already have a wet dream baby
by kevinklinefan21 January 31, 2010
The process of celebrating the birth of a baby. Traditionally taking its name from the Christian baptismal rite, during which the head of a baby would be wet with blesed water, the phrase now commonly relates to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol as a celebration of the new arrival.

The actual process of wetting the baby's head is far more fun before the baby is born.
Bloke 1: check out the cans on that barmaid.
Bloke 2: Dude, you're married.
Bloke 1: Yeah, but...
Bloke 2: You're wife just had a kid.
Bloke 1: Yeah, well..
Bloke 2: We're here celebrating, to wet the baby's head.
Bloke 1: True. But she has got really nice cans.
by Phil Bool September 26, 2006
To have sex with an extremely pregnant woman.
Person 1: I banged my girl yesterday, she's 38 weeks pregnant!
Person 2: You wet the baby's head, huh?
by TookLongEnough May 24, 2012
Megan was in the hottub with anthony and all the sudden pulled down his pants and gave him a wet baby
by holl@tm3 June 11, 2011