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once named "Pleasentville", Westwood in in north jersey in Bergen county. on the outside, it seems like a pretty decent catholic/Christian town where nothing bad happens and everyone is good and sane BUT once your in Westwood there no getting out, on the inside Westwood is a killer neighborhood, known to the teenage population as "Weedwood" or "westweed" a lotta weed comes in and out of Westwood and it's the good kush. the 3 stores run by Indians have the good shit and they sell anything from alcohol to cocaine to kids with enough money and kids who look old enough. there are dank parties are thrown basically every weekend where everyone get fuckin drunk off their asses and roam around the debater if Westwood annoying the Starbucks employees. most dank ass parties have the cops called on by adults who don't know how to party. come to Westwood my people, it's a fucked up town which you'll love
Jeff: Yoooo did you hear about that bombass party in westwood, nj??
Dan the man: yeah bro there was a hell lot of weed and alcohol and some bitch tried to throw herself in a fire and wanted to come down on her ex
by wickedbitchofthenorth July 16, 2016
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