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Found hanging around train stations at 7:30 (waaay past their bedtime) on a saturday/friday night, just waiting to go and 'bash dos try hard lads up'
They are usually found in the western suburbs of Sydney (penrith, blue mountains, rooty hill, blacktown, mt druitt ect) wearing striped shirts with their collars up, canturbury/adidas/nike ect track pants or footy shorts, white caps (also polo/sports brands), nike TNs or any other type of sport branded clothes.
They are seen hanging around on street corners or train stations in big circles acting all 'hard'. (they're really not)
Also hanging around with Lasses (female equivalent of a lad).

They usually talk about things being "eshays" (who knows what the actually means).

At day time they 'hang' around westfield malls and drive around in their shitty 4 seater cars (they're usually p-platers) with at least 8 people in it, honking their horn at any girl they see walking. (I know i tend to avoid them)

Usually filthy hair and shitty hair cuts with rats tails.

Normal Kid "Yo, did you go to ____'s party the other night? I heard that some lad fucking taged his/her FLOOR!"
western sydney Lad "Oh man! I did that! aww, so fricken eshays brah. I gotta go to Penriff and walk around like i'm about to fuckin rape some girl that's in the change rooms at canturbury brah, even though i can't afford shit there"
Normal kid "=/ go fuck yourself."
by chuck eyyyy May 20, 2008
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