(a.k.a. WMU) a university in kalamazoo, michigan with over 26,000 students. noted for its aviation, engineering, and education programs. judith bailey, the current president is incredibly disliked by most students and faculty. the schools colors are brown and gold and the mascot is the bronco, personified by 'Buster Bronco.'
"You go to Western Michigan University, huh?"


"Oh. That's cool."

"Yeah. It is."
by atticus2020 June 24, 2006
A college in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The backup for most students who don't get into State, resulting in excessive drinking and drug use. No doubt that Western rules the BP table. One of those places you go for the parties and not the degrees.
I couldn't get into State, so I will just drink a lot at Western Michigan University.
by Purdude December 16, 2008