A city people think is safe because they see City Place on TV and then they actually take a trip there and make a wrong turn ... and they end up dead because they end up in ghetto land.
Yeah, they went to West Palm Beach and we never saw them again...
by Willyf October 28, 2006
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The 14th most dangerous U.S. city 2005. Most dangerous city in FL.
Take a ride into the ghetto, aka West Palm Beach FL.
by Daznegro September 23, 2006
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Most dangerous city in Florida and for a good reason! Has higher crime rates than Compton, CA, which is known for Dr. Dre. West Palm Beach will be known for its own rappers soon too!
by 561-ace January 31, 2007
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north end of a gigantic urban sprawl running about one hundred and fifty miles south to miami.

as a resident for over 20 years I can assure you this city has nothing to recommend it if you aren't retired, a golfer, or obscenely wealthy. daytime temperatures are typically above 80 degrees, mosquitoes outnumber people by 10 to 1, dumbass tourists are everywhere, every few years a hurricane comes through and completely flattens the city, and despite a population well over a million people there's nothing to do at night.

If you are thinking of moving here, don't. If you are currently living here, I feel your pain and wish you the best of luck finding somewhere else to live.
"west palm beach is alot like miami, but worse."
by felix i September 21, 2006
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1. A really NORMAL place to live.

2. A place that mental people rat about hamburger and ice cream prices on on urban dictionary

1. I live in West Palm Beach, and i dont know anyone who has gotten shot, murdered, or raped.

2. Some City Ice Cream Vendor: 1.59 per ice cream!
West Palm Ice Cream Vendor; 1.60 per ice cream!
by bobby brown! April 12, 2007
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the most boring place in the world. nothing is here. cityplace is the most excitment you are going to get, and its not much. The mall is gross. no good bands ever play here, one must go all the way to freaking revolution to catch a good show. recently black people are trying to make it seem like "da 561" is a tough place. it's really not. just boring.
man i hate living in west palm beach, its so boring.
by lame kid May 16, 2007
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a boot leg miami that has rich people who think they live in the hood
White guy:"Yeh 561 West Palm Beach all day.Man i live in the hood cause 1 black guy lives in my neighbor hood"
Black guy:"Man this guy really has to go to Miami so he could get cursed out in Spanish"
by D.P81 March 16, 2008
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