A legendary person well known for winning a squash match 13-11 14-12
Did you see the match West tiger played, wow Jacob got wrecked!
by West 1977 February 19, 2018
An NRL team based out of Sydney's inner west and south West suburbs. A join venture between Balmain Tigers and Wests Magpies. Famous for their 1 and only premiership since 2005. They have since been famous for holding onto 9th position on the competition ladder. Also well known for signing dud players and paying 10 times their value on the market. Wests Tigers are also known to blame the coach and everything except the players on the field. The only good thing to come out of the JV has been their development of good players for other NRL teams.
Wests Tigers, Stop being a Wests Tiger and get a job, also known as stop making excuses and get a job. Stop worrying about others and look after yourself, you're always acting like a Wests Tiger.
by Sad Wests Tiger August 22, 2021
A legendary person known for beating Jacob butcher 13-11 14-12 in a squash match.
Did you hear of the West Tigers victory?
by West 1977 February 19, 2018