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A road going through North Weymouth Massachusetts named after an Indian Chief from the area.

The City of Weymouth's original name was "Wessagussett"

An interesting feature of the road is most of the streets that intersect off of it are named after Indians from the 1600s.

The area is located on the Fore River which is part of the Boston Harbor.

This road and the streets off of it are home to some of the most "Hard nosed people" in Metro-Boston. These neighborhoods are the neighborhoods that has given the whole city a tough image.
Chances are if you grew up in the Wessagussett road area, you grew up fighting.
Mostly Irish from the Old Country and from Southie and Dot.

These neighborhoods are the most congested of the city.

The heroin problem started in this area back in the early 70s.

Walk in any bar in the country with guys from here and you won't have much to worry about.

I don't want to watch the fireworks near Wessagussett Road.
by SeanO'Leary October 19, 2007
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