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A abominable, annoying, bothersome, defective, disagreeable, disliked, displeasing, distasteful, dreaded, icky, inadmissible, incommodious, inconvenient, inexpedient, insufferable, loathed, loathsome, objectionable, obnoxious, offensive, offensive, outcast, rejected, repellent, repugnant, scorned, shunned, troublesome, unacceptable, unattractive, unlikable, unpleasing, unpopular, unsatisfactory, unsavory, unsought, unsuitable, unwanted, unwelcome, unwished for, or useless

With credit to thesaurus.com
"Because you are a wench, I will not hang out with you, Betty!"
by Noodles February 19, 2003
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Your mother if she was a pirate.
If your mother lived in times of pirates she would be a wench:

Mr. Pirate: Hey, looking good.
Your mom: Two pieces of eight honey..
by Mortification7 May 03, 2009
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Wraiths, Ghosts (Ground Wenches), Banshees (Sky Wenches), Scorpions (Big Metal Wenches).

Anything that is not a fine vessel.
"Yarrr there be a wench over yonder"
"Shit, Sky Wench!"
by Fredex December 15, 2004
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a young female shipmate who belongs to a pirate for his own demands
that nice pretty harlot in the dark room is quite the wench
by Britt Britt September 11, 2005
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