The indentation your undies leave around your waist when your tightie whities have been on for an extended time and are too tight to begin
Damn, my boxers left a panty welt that won't be going away until the next presidential election
by dj va jay jay August 25, 2015
A raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a pecker) Could result in a abrasion, contusion, swelling, or other bodily harm.
Damn, check out the pecker welt on Shariqua's cheek, her and Ray Ray must be back together.
by Beckw/ May 2, 2008
A severe raised marking or abrasion left on the skin after being slapped with a man’s penis. More severe than a normal mushroom stamp.
Whoa! Did you see the donkey welt Don left on Dustin's forehead?!
by MadVan September 25, 2009
Noun. (Plural: snark welts) A well crafted, snarky comment which causes the recipient to respond as though they had just been physically slapped.
“The things which Betty said to her ex last night at the party were cold; it looked like he might cry from all her snark welts."
by OlyWABCR January 23, 2016
"how was david last night?"

"well, it was kinda weird..."

"wat happened"

"he couldnt bust his load..."

"he must hav had sperm welt."
by chris March 26, 2005
A bruise that appears when receiving physical trauma to the bung hole.
My bung welt itches today.

You hit my bung hole so hard, I am going to have a bung welt.

Prof Dic has my bung welt.
by Prof Dic August 26, 2009
A mark left on someone's flesh resulting from being slapped by a penis. The impact of thebulbous glans penis and narrower shaft leaves a mark with a shape much like that of the fruiting body of a mushroom.
Your mother wasn't very careful with her teeth when she was sucking my wang, so I pulled my dong out of her mouth and beat her on the face with it, leaving several mushroom-shaped welts that developed into bruises that were clearly visible when she picked you up from school later that day.
by Baller-Ass Nigga June 18, 2004