Dood, I took UA908 to Hong Kong and we landed nosewheel first allawhile that "well fuck me running" theme song was playin in ma haid. Meh.
by fucwad March 17, 2004
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When u find out something new, or some useless bullshit facts, but yet it seems kinda cool and shocks u, southern , redneck, Mississippi kind of fucked up facts, all u can say is "well fuck me running sideways" even tho I don't think u can actually do that, yet?!?!
My 1st word in the urban dictionary was revaginalzation, yeah, I am strange, I put the fun in disfunctional, but after u read some of my words, u will b scratching your head and saying "well fuck me running sideways", challenge accepted!!!
by Noresun2noAmy2 March 31, 2022
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