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A variation of "the stranger" masturbation technique, where the participant sits on both hands until they go numb, then uses one to masturbate while the other lies across their chest like the fond embrace of someone who loves them, occasionally wiping away tears.
It was the anniversary of my wife's death on Saturday, so I gave myself a Welcome Stranger, and it felt like she was still here.
by ash flame February 12, 2014
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The welcome stranger is a less known form of "anal sex." It incorporates an erect penis stealthily slipping into ones anus without the recipient realising until it's too late. If the receiver does not wish to partake in covert affairs, the welcome stranger then becomes "rape" or more specifically, "anal rape." However, when the recipient does wish to take park in this odd activity, he or she yells "Welcome Stranger!" Or in French, where the position was invented, "Bienvenue!" This lets the initiator know that he may proceed without trouble.
"Well there's a move I never thought possible. The welcome stranger. I won't be able to sit down for days!"

"Arghhh! My dick!!! Never underestimate a butt plug!!!"

"Oooohh, that was stealthy. I haven't had any action for a while, mayswell take what I can get. Welcome Stranger! Welcome Stranger!"
by Gary the goat October 19, 2014
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