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a gas station employee, usully with the nickname Flea, who swipes the spoiled hot dogs from the grill for his own pleasure
"Can you believe Flea made off with all those hot dogs. He is such a weiner bandit!"
by amandas toy October 26, 2011
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A fabled creature much like the Tooth Fairy, Boogie Man, or The Trix Rabbit. That Comes in the night if you are not prepared and will steal ones' "Weiner". Leaving the victim "Weinerless"

What you can do; sleep with your pants on or hold your junk all night. (This is where the saying "wakie wakie, hands off snakie" came from.)

It is possible to catch this bandit, it is said that he will give you one of three possible prizes; $23(American), a walk-man, or a cassette player. which makes you wonder why you would want to catch his cheap ass anyway.
A Masked Assailant that steals guys junk
Known as: The Weiner Bandit.
by BigbubbaD February 02, 2012
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