a plant which ppl smoke to get high. anyone who smokes this is a fucking retarted asshole. destroys most of your brain cells until your a drooling, braindead, fucking, idiot. peopl think its very cool and they HAVE to do it. when i see someone smoking weed because they think its cool, i want to punch them hard, in the neck.
Braindead asshole #1- yo, lets smoke weed yo.

Braindead asshole #2- yea cool bro, i dont care about my brain or having the ability to think.
by ยฟjesusman? August 11, 2006
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weed is the only thing i can think of (besides other drugs) that can turn an honors student into a druggie dropout. If you want to escape your problems for a few hours, workout, drink, sleep, cut, run, swim, mastrabate, or watch pirated movies on the internet. Ive tried drugs and if your a newby and never got high, dont do it. just dont. get drunk or do something constructive like workout. honestly dont.
friend after summer: dude, i got high on weed.

me: didnt you apply to harvard and got accepted???

Frend: ya but i just wanna do drugs.....

me: try workn out... it gets you buff not high....

friend: loser.

me: ok but in 5 years say that
by DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!! November 19, 2009
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Posseses what we logical thinkers call the working man.
If you smoke weed you probably don't know what I just said.
by JM March 04, 2005
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All you monkeys can do your acis and weed and coke in your pipe and shove it up your asses cause it will ruine your life like it did mine
"Git er done"
Dawg: come on lets smoke some good shit.

Oscar: That shit is dumb and if u make me do it i will kick all ur asses because that shit is just dumb
"Git er Done"
by Oscar December 21, 2004
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card game that is usually played by stoners...while getting stoned
kristin! lets play another game of weed!!!
by Nikki September 25, 2003
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stupid leaves that you smoke that gets you all messed up so you look like a fucking dip shit in front of your family. it also makes you look like a blind bum that doesnt know where he/she's going to do with their life.
hey! look at that guy wobbling all over the place! he's gonna die soon! i think he's smoking weed.
by rachelkk May 05, 2008
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The worst thing in the world, very addidcting and makes peoples lives horrible, one should never do it, and peoples lives have been made shit becuase of this drug. And any one who does this is gay has no life and all around sucks !!!
You look like shit.... you must do weed!
by Matt J. W. June 21, 2009
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