Why drink & drive when you can smoke & fly?

Weed is marijuana. It's less harmful then alcohol & cigarettes put together. You can be baked, blazed, stoned, or high. You can toke, smoke, or hit. Whatever you want to call it, it's the best feeling in the world.

Marijuana is a plant that came from the earth. If God didn't want us to have it, why would he put it here? & if you don't believe in God then here's one for you. It comes from the ground, so it's ALL natural. Nothing harmful about it.

If your parents smoke, tell them to stop cause it's bad for them then hand them a blunt.

Go grab a blunt, bowl, joint, or bong and chill on the couch when your parents aren't home. Make sure to have some air freshner, a change of clothes, eye drops, & gum near by.

Make it last. Don't waste it. Blow the smoke straight to the sky.

Take a nice long hit. Breathe it in, hold it, feel the rush, blow it out. It's that simple my friends. Don't be greedy, share the ganga.

Ganga, dro, chronic, weed, pot, maryjane, MJ, trees, reefer, herb, or whatever you want to call it.
I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints then I smoke 2 more.

Weed isn't a druggg!
by A.Baby July 03, 2006
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Slang For Cannabis sativa/Indica.The main active Chemical In cannabis is the cannaboid T.H.C. witch is absorbed by the cannaboid receptors in the brain causing the "High" effect.
I dont smoke weed i have tried it years ago but These propaganda people are hilarious. weed is not addictive physicly but mentally that means you dont have an urge/need to smoke it like tobbaco addicts.You dont turn out a loser if you smoke it unless you let it effect other aspects of your life. Some call it a gateway drug but thats because its illegal,most people drink alcohal before they try crack does that make alcohal a gate way drug?
It is Extremly less harmful then alcohal,But does contain more Tar then Tobbaco per gram but can be vaporized or cooked to greatly reduce the harmful effects.
Of course there are reasons not to smoke it such as when driving or operating machinery(sp?),using it to escape your problems,to look cool or fit in,At school or at work. Cannabis should be legal because it would save the goverment tax money and Make it safer for users to buy.It is a victimless crime. Cannabis Smokers can be anyone you know doctors,laywers(I know a few stoner lawyers ),Stay at home moms,computer programmers,your Family ect...

I really wish people would stop being close minded.They say that its bad for you while they drink thier Alcohal(ironic eh?)Cannabis smokers are like anyone else dont juge all cannabis smokers by a few low lifes that give them a bad name.
by Hymen June 28, 2006
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Your Friend to help cheer you up when you are down your best friend when you want to get high. All other drugs will ruin your life.
Your friend is the guy smokin your weed. Your best friend is the guy lending u his pipe and giving you free weed.
-Never smoke weed kids..., unless you are with a trained professional.
by A Friend September 14, 2004
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makes you feel like floating
makes you superrr hungry
makes everything funnyyyy
makes you pretty sleepy(only when you come down)
makes sex feel fuckin AMAZING

can be smoked or eaten if baked into cakes or brownies
im so down to smoke some weed
by kooobbbrrraaa December 28, 2008
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Good bye, Good Luck, Get HIGH,Get fucked

Weed is from the earth gog put this here for me and you TAKE ADAVANTAGE
by Beheaded2333 March 28, 2005
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