Một người nước ngoài có thể thích văn hóa, coi Anime, nói tiếng Nhật và tôn trọng văn hóa của đất nước Nhật. Đồng thời, họ cũng vẫn giữ được bản sắc của dân tộc họ, giúp cho họ ko trở thành Weeaboo (aka Wibu), những thằng cuồng văn hóa Nhật hay các cô gái 2D, vân vân.
Về cơ bản, Weeaboo ko coi trọng văn hóa và biến bản thân thành những đứa lỗ đít.
Weeaboo là lũ khốn thiếu tôn trọng văn hóa, bản sắc dân tộc của đất nước chúng và của nước Nhật.
A person who is of the belief that the Paladins is so much better than their own culture that they have to intersperse Paladins into their speech, think Androxis is some higher art form, and that Paladins in general is some perfect holy game
If your friend/family says"Androxis is life" this would be sign of a Paladins Weeaboo.

Paladins Weeaboos (We-Ah-Booh) have a deep interest in the Game Paladins and will never stop talking about it.
by FartBubble22423 November 27, 2017
A weeaboo who wishes to become their favorite anime character, but is either to shy or can't
Bro I'm such a quiet weeaboo that I won't even sing the Tokyo ghoul theme song.
by Zippypie May 1, 2018
The "ring" that is worn on the "finger" of a jizzard which allows them to harmonize with their weeb kin in turn navigating the dark records of their browser history without "feeling it".
Jizzard: Aw man! My legendary ring of weeaboo is too big for my "finger" desu!
by Sand Acres March 21, 2016
A retired legend of a youtuber. Known for his headphones and his “straight outta the closet” shirt. Started out as a filthy frank copy but stopped youtube soon after finding his real voice.
Yo remember the legendary “Weeaboo Jermaine”?

Yeah whatever happened to him?

He died a hero.
by josiahcadis04 October 24, 2022
A person who is obsessed with Japanese culture and is regularly talking about anime. They tend to dye their hair bright colors in order to resemble a character and usually cosplays and reads cringe fanfictions.

(sometimes named Alexis)
by Suspicious Cheesecake April 23, 2017