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the act of taking mercy on someone with a wedgie and stopping it form going any further also called being kind really good if the person was begging for it to stop.
I was at a school sleep over once when some kids decided to give dan a nature wedgie he was striped to his unaware hung on a branch and had rocks and stuff stuffed down his underwear and his hands bound it was funny at first but not when he screamed and they gagged him they puled on his feet and he peed his pants this went on for 15 min till they got tired and said "hang tight we will be back for you in the morning if we remember" and walked away laughing with the kids clothing. I went to dans stuff and got him new everything then i went to my bag and got the baby wipes and pocket knife I brought and went back to him when i got there some other kid was laughing and pulling on his legs it only lasted a minuet but he was crying by the end and the kid left with a wave and a laugh when dan saw me he looked away you could tell he was embarrass to be almost completely naked in front of a girl (yea i'm a girl by the way) I went up and took the gag out of his mouth "are you ok" "yea thank you" "I'm going to get you down now" I cut off the underwear and freed his hands he landed with his underwear in tatters "here" I gave him the clothing I brought for him and the baby wipes he looked at me like this was the nicest thing anyone has done for him.

it pays of to have wedgie mercy because the next day when i was the one who got a hanging wedgie it only took 5 min after the bullys left to get down with dan's help.
by sara may 32 May 22, 2012
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