Weasels are manifestations of the impending chores which await you in times of stress. They are usually most prevalent on a sunday afternoon when, instead of being able to relax, the constant thought of shopping, washing, homework or the upcoming week beginning the following morning render you uncappable of pleasant feelings.
Dale: Goodness gracious me, I have such bad study weasels!

Marco: whats up dude?

Dale: I have a test tomorrow morning.

Dale: EEHHH i have such hectic shopping weasels!

Barry: Whats wrong?

Dale: I have procrastibating all day, and I have nothing in the fridge and I have such bad munchies, after an hour spent in the xen Garden
by Bazzabug October 16, 2009
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a moderatly attractive member of the opposite sex(but nothing to brag about)whose partner will do almost anything for them.
Yo son is yo bro still dating that chick? Yeah that weasel has him whipped like a slave.
by blown carbs November 18, 2008
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A small furry animals, by definition the size of a horses' erect penis.
She pet it because she thought it was a weasel, but then realized it was a horses erect penis.
by yyachub1 September 26, 2010
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To abruptly initiate awkward or weird motions/actions that irritate, annoy or offend the general public.
Jason is such a weasel.
by lillebron November 09, 2009
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The Weasel AKA "La Rata" is an accomplice of Nooger. Weasel's are recognized by a bald odd shaped head and inferior sun glasses. Although not as deadly as a Nooger it is still a force to be reckoned with.
"Archeologists discover what seem to be the remains of a Weasel."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
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