Basically when someone is extremely obsessed with anime... they like to cosplay, do weird hand gestures, have posters, cutouts, bed sheets of anime people. Weebs are chilled out and usually only like anime to a little less than weaboo consent.
β€œThat cosplayer is such a weaboo...”
by Cheezymaggott September 11, 2020
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A Weaboo is defined as someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture.
A Weaboo will commonly be noticed by there use of terms such as Kawaii or Waifu.
When most people use the term in a sentence it is usually negative, while some Weaboos consider it to be flattering or think that it is a good thing.
A Weaboo could be from any culture except Japan and they want to become Japanese.
Someone who watches more anime than considered to be classified as an addiction may or may not be a weaboo.
Weaboo 1: "Oh my god look at my Waifu isn't she so Kawaii"
Weaboo 2: "Have you seen the new episode of (anime), they need to stop putting american culture in"
Weaboo 1: "yeah, i'm learning Japanese so i can watch anime without subtitles!"
normal person: "Fucking Weaboo"
by WFTBGMG Madlad July 29, 2020
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A person who's life is literally an anime. They will wear cat ears and say desu after every sentence. Example: die in a hole, desu!
by DeadMemeSlayer112 June 02, 2019
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