When you're fucking a girl, and all of your buddies are in the closet with hockey uniforms and hockey sticks, and when you climax, they all come out and beat the shit out of the chick.
Dude we taped the Wayne Gretzky last night! bob got arrested!
by ian April 25, 2004
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When you bang a girl who hasn't showered for three periods. AKA Courtney Love.
When I was banging the lunch lady, she totally gave me a wayne gretzky.
by Brent C July 4, 2006
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Some random douche who gets credit and endorsments for nothing, he might be the biggest douche in the world.
by Bill Davis July 9, 2005
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When ordering from Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton's, a "Wayne Gretzky" is a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars.
"She says she doesn't like coffee, so I got her a Wayne Gretzky instead of a double-double - you can barely taste the coffee!"
by Canadian Hoser February 12, 2009
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Based on the famous you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't make

When you go up to an extremely beautiful women out of your league and blatantly ask for sex.
ex 1:

Jim: Hey man did you hear Matt Wayne Gretzkyed that chick and it worked

Bill: No way

ex 2:

Matt : Yo Biatch give me that pussy

Laura: Okay
by GoodGuyForeverXX September 4, 2012
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A girl that can objectively be said to have a 9 face and a 9 body (scale rating from 0 to 10 with 10 being perfect).

Wayne Gretzky wore the number 99 in the NHL and is undoubtedly the best player of all time. The system expands as a quick way to rate a "player" and spread the word quickly and discreetly among hockey fans simply by naming players. Sidney Crosby = 87 : Mario Lemieux = 66 : Ray Bourque = 77 : Mikhail Grabovsky = 84 and so on...
by JooBuoy September 14, 2011
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A must, have a buddy who plays hockey (THIS IS A MUST of authenticity purposes)

1) Your hockey playing buddy hides in the closet

2) You bang your girl on your bed, fucking hardcore style motherfucker!!!

3) Then your hockey playing buddy rushes out of the closet and proceedes to pumble the ever-living SHIT out of her

4) LOL cuz that shit is funny HAHAHAHAHA
Yo Bro, I did The Wayne Gretzky on my girl last night and ooy boy let me tell you was she ever mad. LOL
by Edgardo Daniel Sanchez December 19, 2010
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