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well, you know what it means to put wax on something... so therefore what do u think one is doin when it comes off? It means to jerk off!!!!
"While taking Mr.Miyagi's extensive training to a different level, Doug goes into the bathroom frequently and wax's off!!!!"
by Insane V January 15, 2005
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Wax off - what to do when the state of clout is not pairing with the ammount of sacfricial interest in A dusty Thot that you truly don’t think of the next day and or hour.
This hoe used to be on my jock, you never phased me. But Now you wanna curve me but ya IG followers built like the economy. I wouldn’t put you down with none of the GANG! You getting waxxed off shorty. Do the math I gotta wax off
by PLUG UP July 08, 2018
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