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The water bong is a smoking device designed for smoking tobacco or(smokable) narcotics (i.e.Marijuana, methamphetamine, rock (or "crack") cocaine, hashish, Di-Methyl Triptamine(DMT), etc.). Water bongs generally have six parts...The smoke tube, the suck tube, the bong (water receptacle), tobacco/drug holder, carb and hand splint. The bong is basically a sealed chamber...To smoke, first the bong is half-filled with water. A tube with a tobacco/drug holder on the end is inserted in the chamber and the water, while another tube with a mouthpiece on the end is also inserted yet remaining above the water level. The tobacco/dope is put onto the tobacco/drug holder, and then lit. The smoker then sucks on the mouthpiece. This depletes air pressure in the chamber, causing the air to travel from the bowl, through the water, into the chamber, then into the lungs, pulling the smoke with it. The water filters and cools the smoke. The smoker usually gets a couple of hits after the chamber is filled up with smoke.
After Connie took a Huge hit off the water bong, she then knocked it over, spilling the bong water all over the sofa and carpet...Sofa smelled like Brick Weed for a month!
by Uncle Beasley June 28, 2006
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