Its a phrased used to describe those to make their bed, but bitch about sleeping in it. The idea that Satan would even consider relieving their suffering is laughable when they are the sole reason they are in Hell in the first place. They're complaining about being in Hell? They shouldn't have been assholes their whole lives.
Republicans: We really want you to trust that we care about minorities.

Voters: Uh-huh, and people in hell want ice water.
by boshspice69 April 4, 2014
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The condition often associated with working at a water-ice venue such that color or perhaps miniscule pieces of water-ice are embedded in and around one's fingernail from constant exposure to large amounts of particulary pigmented water-ice, such as cherry.
I can't shake the President's hand like this... I have water-ice nail!
by Cooie September 6, 2005
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