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A half class down, yet similarly related to Nouveau Riche.
This class of people hark from the more suburban cities areas of first world countries. They are newly wealthy, or within one generation, yet have roots in cultural vacuum of classic suburbia. Most made their money from inventing an "As Seen on TV Products" or selling toenail clippings on eBay. Despite their wealth, they are completely lacking in any high culture or international life experience. They measure and flaunt their success and wealth by over-obvious displays of well known luxury brand names and logos on every possession they own and they are inclined to think brands like Banana Republic and Club Monoco are couture. Most consider plastic surgery socially abhorrent (yet make the exception for Botox as it's not "surgery") and are typically around 20lbs over weight. Wastelanded gentry are particularly easy to spot in very touristy areas of urban cities, like Times Square in New York, as they scoop up knock-off Chanel handbags and $5 D&G sunglasses by the dozen.
The wastelanded gentry version of urban chic: Banana Republic jeans, black leather, zip-up jackets (one size too small), ankle high leather boots (women) and persistent chatter about Britney Spears' latest social gaff.
by charmaine w March 27, 2008
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