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A sexual act where a male participant inserts both testicles up the anus of his partner - be the partner male or female.

Allegedly so called because the act resembles the challenge of washing two dogs, at the same time, in the same bath tub.
I was washing the dogs. No sooner had I got one in, and turned around to get the other, the first one popped out so I was back to square one...
by bathbadgerking January 22, 2010
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Having anal sex with a woman while trying to shove your whole dick AND sack/balls in at the same time... called washing the dog cuase it is nearly impossible to do...
"I tried to wash the dog... but I just ended up getting everything else wet."
by JadeHawk June 11, 2004
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Washing the Dogs is one of the tasks we always say our colleugues are carrying out when Living the Dream or Working from Home. It indicates that they are not really working but actually doing something less boring instead
'Where's Anthony Pond Today?'

' He's Working from Home Washing the Dogs '
by Felix Steiner June 29, 2006
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