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Was’ gud is a word used in the language of ‘saltybi’ it is very rare for someone to actually be able to speak the language but the most common word is ‘was’ gud’

It’s a formal way of saying hello and fretting someone. If you were to speak to an older on ‘saltybi’ and not say ‘was’ gud’ to them or in any other formal ways such as ‘o/‘ or ‘eyy’ it is shown as disrespect as they are older than you and you shall respect them.
Incorrect example:
*25 year old person walks in*
11 year old: hello sir!!
25 year old person: disrespect!!

Correct version:
*25 year old person walks in*
12 year old child: was’ gud
25 year old person: o/
by The real army January 31, 2018
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