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school filled of rich white kids that just sit around and do nothing all day except drink and go to se-port and talk about how awesome they are. they all talk in a stupid code language and think their above everyone else.
speaker 1: Hey, do you go to ward melville
ward melville kid: yeaaah braaaah i go to the gonna go get a boone and a half and half
by whaaawhaaa June 23, 2009
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a high school in suffolk county on long island new york.
edubz runs ward melville high school, drug dogs can't even smell me
by eddie w May 05, 2005
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School for rich kids who have nothing better to do with daddys money then to spend it on drugs. And were the girls who have no money whore for drug money. The smart asians make it look like everyone from the school is smart for the stupid white kids who think there black. And if you dont fit in with any of that, your a punk. Oh and cant forget the players!
Go ward melville sports! Try and win something some time!
by jess May 06, 2005
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A school in Suffolk county, New York that is a cesspool of drugs, underage drinking and punks who think they're black. These punks are overshadowed by a high Asain population in the school making the rest of it look better by comparison.
Yeah I know about Ward Melville, what a bunch of privileged punks.
by Joel Johansson March 01, 2017
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