Something mentally ill people type into the Google searchbar from time to time because they feel an intense sense of desperation and hopelessness but don't think it's serious enough to tell an actual human being.
Should I call a suicide hotline? Nah, I'll just look up "I want to fucking die" and see if a mass media corporation has any answers for me.
by nothing_helps September 13, 2021
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A very good ice breaker, shit stopper or when you feel like being random.
Buddha: want to fuck my ass!?

ramdom chick: fuck yeah!
by BigMFginger July 7, 2019
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see emo
just kidding.
phrase used to express deep feelings for another person. or a spur of the moment thing which is 9184932479324 times more popular
door: knock knock
tim answers door
lisa: would you like to buy some cookies?
tim: do you want to fuck?
lisa: ok!
by kayla March 3, 2004
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When you're so done with life you turn your depression into humor. Sad-clown esqe.
"I will stop making depression jokes when depression stops making a joke out of me."
Person 1: "I want to fucking kill myself."
Person 2: "Same."
Person 3: "Mood."
by NekoKat May 28, 2021
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Playboy stud # 1 : "I want to fuck her in the worst way".
Playboy stud # 2 : "Wouldn't the missionary position be good enough?.
by terryzz February 17, 2009
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it’s a latvian saying when you feel extra horny and you really want to fuck.
Katrina : Shit I want to get fucked by jekabs.
Samantha : OMG me too!
by katrinasex February 13, 2019
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