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An ugly old whore with a lesbian haircut and pot belly that tries to steal your man that is head over heals in love with you.

She even tells you lies that she ended their past relationship because she "was talking to someone else, but please keep that to yourself." Ha! Not just a slut, but a dumb one too!
"Look, theres Alyssa calling again late at night trying to get the d! lol!"

"Sluts gonna be sluts! Can't she call up the dudes she was fucking behind your back when yall were together? lol!"

"Why does Alyssa call you pet names?"
"Because babe, she is a wannabee homewrecker, too ugly for the role though."

"Alyssa wants me to hide from you that she was fucking guys behind your back when yall were together."
"LMAO, she said she ended the 'relationship'? Yeah shes trying to fuck with you. That wannabee homewrecker!"
by betrayed&suicidal February 26, 2018
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