a nicer way to say "GOOD FOR YOU" when someone is tryna brag about something.
Friend: "i just bought 3 northfaces & i still have 300$$ left over"
by Mariel Quijano December 26, 2007
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People who pretend that they are hardcore punk rockers by dressing the part but don't know shit about the music...or what any of it's about.
Sara shops at Hot Topic...she is a Wanna-Be Punk.
by Kuh-Rin May 24, 2006
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Kiwi mating call, often found on NZDating.com and commonly used by beer-bellied, shaven headed gits, wearing black jeans and Marilyn Manson t-shirts to fat unattractive women that couldn't possibly score anyone sober/normal.
Bloke: "Wanna root?"
Desperate Fat Chick: "Yeah, go on then."
Bloke: "OK. Let me finish this bottle of Woodstock first."

*frantic copulating session ensues*
by Rollergirl October 29, 2005
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One who is a wanna be drug dealer. He thinks he is legit, but he actually just sells bags with tic tacs in them for a fortune.
That wanna dealer gave me the effing mint flavor!
by Leedel leedel leedel leedel December 5, 2016
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The way one asks another person whether later wants to smoke or not. European meaning; another interpretation "You wanna blow a fag"
- Hey, wanna fag?
- Let's go. *smoking outside*
by Shumix February 29, 2012
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Want to go fight or want to fight until we die(no not really)
Small guy: Your an idiot, your brain is a peanut.

Big guy:Why you little...


Big guy: Wanna go?

Small guy:Bring it!(punch)
by Bill L January 4, 2008
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