Another person trying to imitate another. Most of the time for "popularity" or to get rid of their insecurity.
Wanna be Goth, Wanna be Prep... etc.
Jamiey is such a wanna be!
by McKenzieLee December 19, 2005
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White people who act like black people. IE: Rap, wear bling, buy and wear hoodies, and say the N word repedatly around black people.

White guy: Yo dogz, I just been sittin up in tha hood pimpin' up my bitches, foo!

Black guy 1: We gonna cap yo ass, sucka'.
Black guy 2: Racist cracka'.
Black guy 1: Damn Wanna Be's.
by Vick Kipneis January 3, 2007
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when someone is a wanna-be they put themselves through a lot of stress to become that person they can never fully be. They focus on this task to become this person they want to become that they end up having stress from it. They can never truly be themselves. They try so hard they act like they are a professional on day 1 of trying to complete the task of becoming someone they can't.
i have a friend who moved from the north to down here in the south and just discovered how to peal crawfish but kept calling it crayfish and when i pointed it out my friend said "oh yeah I know I'm just messing with you guys. I pealed crawlfish all the time back home." Clearly my friend didn't know how to pronounce crawfish or that y'all was a word. My friend wants to fit in so bad to the southern culture he is a wanna-be southerner.
by <3__AnOnYmOuS__<3 June 27, 2018
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A person who thinks that they have the right to talk about people who they don't like. Most of the time these people can't even say what they want to a persons face instead they say it behind someone's back... or they type it on the internet. When in all actuality they are really jealous of the person and want to be more like them.
There are alot of wanna be's who wish they where more like the clamjabls!
by lilkv October 14, 2006
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somebody who goes on urban dictionary to find out what a word means so they can use it and be cool
every one on this site is a wanna be, anyone from the ghetto doesnt need this gay sh!t
by whoRu? June 28, 2006
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Something that you refuse to do when asked by your father.
Father - why don't you come over here and sit next to me on the bed...
Son - I don't wanna...


Father - Why don't you reach into my pocket and get it yourself...

Daughter - I don't wanna...
by Yukiduh February 20, 2007
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