verb: to wank noun: wanker adj: wanky
1) someone who jerks off alot
2) someone who does stupid stuff eg falling asleep at the bar, or taking home someone who's so drunk that they then go an piss in the bed
3) term of endearment
4) term of abuse
1) damn! bill's been in his room for hours! he must be having a wank
2) hahahaaaa what a wanker!
3) you daft wanker...here, have a beer
4) tony blair is a complete wanker
by brit September 25, 2003
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A (mainly) British insult used to offend and humiliate someone who wanks (masturbates) because they can't get laid, either because they're fugly, fat, have terrible B.O., fart a lot, suck too many cocks or French, no wait, just French.
How to stop being a Wanker:
1. Become Keith Richards.
by I_L0v3_T1gHt_A$1An_CuNt_ April 14, 2017
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Someone who acts like a idiot like someone who's drunk
1.when he's drunk he looks like a complete wanker
2.you look like a wanker when you dance

3. Stop acting like a wanker
by le meilleur December 16, 2016
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The middle of the three size classifications of the human penis, the sizes, in order, going like this:
Roy's penis is neither large nor small, rather, he has a wanker.
by SizesDefined December 02, 2016
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A Male who masturbates. Usually used as an insult, i mean its not like we all do it or anything, well besides that for some reason we get the right to make a joke out of it. in my opinion it is probably that person compensating because their ding dong is a bit shorter than a french fry.
"you fucking wanker"
"oi you wanker"
"fucking wanker"
"you are such a wanker"
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