A musician who plays way too more notes than needed for the song in order to show off their technical ability. Often they will have their own instructional video and claim to have a blues influence in thier songs without having any knowledge of the blues. They sometimes destroy priceless vintage guitars by scalloping the fretboard, but often play Ibanez, Charvel, Schecter, or Steinberger
Yngwie Malsteem is a wanker
by schwerve July 16, 2008
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Literally 'One who wanks' (masturbates)
Used derogatively to infer one who is unable to get any and relieve their need to wank due to gross personality defects.

Australian (and particularly Melburnian) usage infers one who is a pseudo-intellectual or more generally speaking out of their arseholes in an effort to impress.

See also: Tosser, Tosspot, Pillock, jerk, arsehole, wanka, wank.
'you, my friend, are a wanker.'
by Wylis June 19, 2006
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You are such a fuckin' wanker. You ain't the shizzle bi0tch.
by w00dz January 24, 2003
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One who masrubates on a daily basis and also is a total douch
Slagof and Marco are a Wanker.
by Jonah wasin June 16, 2016
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