Oh, I see you like that anime stuff, you're just a regular Walt Jizzney.
by The "monster" February 27, 2009
A hangover so bad that it makes you feel and act like Walt Jr. From Breaking Bad.
1: Good night last night?
2: Aye, was belter but I felt like Walt Jr. this morning.
by wodgeruk October 6, 2013
Throughout your whole childhood you thought the

'D' in the 'Walt Disney' logo was a 'G':

Walt Gisney
"Ahh the nostalgic intro of 'Walt Gisney!'"
"It's not Walt Gisney...it's Walt Disney!!"
by MysticSticks October 9, 2018
A great man who invented a wonderful characters like Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. After he died the company made Disney Channel which makes Teeny-bopper crap like Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Those showswould ring Walt Disney to tears if he's still alive. Shame on you Disney Channel! You're rolling Walt's grave.
Before Walt Disney died, they made wonderful movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After Walt Disney died they make a crappy movie named High School Musical which generated teenybopper fans. It's clear that there's a traitor from the Disney company who murdered Walt Disney just so that they could sell out The Walt Disney Company to the in-crowd aka the TRL crowd with the Disney Channel.
by Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi December 29, 2006
A man who is God-like in every way possible. Steve Walts is an outstanding piano player and always comes through with Code Reds. Whoever disrespects him will get jumped from students from either Hylton, Garfield, or Forest Park.
PWCS Kid 1: Ugh i don' want to go to school tomorrow

PWCS Kid 2: Yo!! Check Steve Walts's twitter. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW !!
PWCS Kid 1: Yup, Steve Walts is the GOAT
by jashe fortnite k-poop January 28, 2020
Made a mouse invent the world's largest people trap.
by ghetto500 July 21, 2003
he was epic.

i just cant wait till they unfreeze him and then he can go into disney and see what a shit scam they are pulling on these pathetic t.v. shows and just fire the shit actors/actresses and the shit singers and all the crap.
Walt Disney: " jonas,cyrus,hudgens, your fired."

"get the hell out "
by don't use you real name January 2, 2010