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To close down or cease operations due to being crushed by a larger, more powerful rival, usually due to the rival's unfair competitive advantage.
Bob's Hardware was walmarted out of existence.
by James August 23, 2004
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by November 05, 2018
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To censor a previously cool thing, such as censoring a movie to have no blood, into something meant for daily church-going grandmothers.
"Face down, ass up that's the way we like to play chess." What the hell, that was totally walmarted.
by Dan the Wordman October 26, 2006
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Take an item or an idea or basically anything that you didn't create yourself and then present a cheaper version as your own.
Suzy walmarted Martha Stewart's Platinum Napkin Rings ($50/ea) when she used aluminum foil in the same design and sold them for 50 cents each.
by Charlotte December 03, 2003
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The state that results when you drive home from a big-box retailer and realize you are missing a bag or two of stuff, due to cashier laziness and/or underhandedness. Often leads to the choice of going back and arguing with employees, or promising to 'check yourself' better next time.
Bob: Wait, I'm missing my trash bags and ex-lax from the store.

Dana: Damn it! Thats twice this month we've been wal-marted.
by theosus July 22, 2008
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To completely cheapen a once valuable and somewhat hard to attain item or accolade.
Today the Nobel Peace Prize got walmarted after being won by Barak Obama after doing seemingly nothing. In other news, there are multiple reports today of Mother Teressa rolling over in her grave.
by SLP-Wingnut October 09, 2009
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