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To inhale marijuana smoke/vapor immediately upon waking up, usually in the morning. This is the time when there is the least amount of sugar being metabolized to fat in the liver, so less THC is dissolved in the fat and hence there is potential for a higher concentration 0f THC in the bloodstream.
"I have made it a point to wake n bake every morning."
by dub_head October 28, 2005
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to hit a bong or pipe filled pot directly after opening your eyes. usually while still in bed. usually someone else pushes pipe in your face.
i was dead all day from the wake'n'bake this afternoon.
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
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waking up at 4:20 am to start baking bread and pastries
Del Sol Bakery wakes n bakes every morning.

The baker wake n bake the baguettes before sunrise.
by smellymeli March 11, 2018
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When someone dies and they have a viewing (wake) and then are immediately cremated without any funeral.
No one really cared when she died, so the family just held a wake n bake.
by kajoe August 16, 2008
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