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What you say when one (or more) of your friends is talking to you, and you are daydreaming about something completely unrelated. Usually said after saying something else, completely random.
Jim: blahblahblahblahblahblahbasketbalblahblahblahblah.....

You: I like Tacos. Wait, what?
by youknowyouwant2 December 02, 2009
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Term used on the Internet to indicate confusion about, and often to point out a contradiction within, something someone else has said.
Person A: I like unicorns. Their scales are lovely.

Person B: Unicorn scales? Wait, what?
by IceMetalPunk August 18, 2011
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Said often after coming to the realization that what someone has just said is either offensive to you, or someone you care about.
Dude 1: Saw you mom last night.

Dude 2: Oh, really? Where at?

Dude 1: On cops, they busted her for prostitution.

Dude 2: Oh, that's nice. Wait, what?
by Rixon DelBucco August 02, 2009
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A phrase often spoken after answering a question with a rote or automatic response, only to realize you didn't really understand the question, and likely did not mean your answer.
Friend: "I know you don't like fish, so I went ahead and ordered you the raw squid."
You: "That's great. Wait, what?"
by Maelstromleague February 03, 2018
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When someone is talking so fast or talking about such nonsensical things you can’t understand that you just have to hold your hand up and say, wait, what? Also used as an expression of surprise.
Example 1:
Julie: OMIGOSH Jessica, the craaaaziest thing happened today ooh crayfish anywaaaay so yeah the absolutely most crazy thing yeah so Anna was like whaaat and I was like whaaat and Jordan was like what are you whaaating about and like-
Jessica: Wait, what?

Example 2:
Daughter: Hey, mom.
Mom: Hey. Your belly is kinda bloated. You ate a lot today, huh?
Daughter: Oh, actually, I’m pregnant. Did I not tell you?
Mom: Wait, what?
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by ActuallySensible June 17, 2018
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1. Term used after saying something rather perverted or offensive. Said to make it look like whoever said it, was actually joking but a majority of the time they are not.

2. Used to deflect personal responsibility from a blunt comment.
1. Me- "Hey, how's your day going? Oh yeah, I want to do you in the ass! Wait, what?!"

Girl- "Uh, excuse me?"

Me- "I don't know what you're talking about..."

2. Me- "Why don't you quit being such an asshole? Wait, what?"

You- "What the hell did I do?"

Me- "Um, I was just joking?"
by jeffistic manwhore October 03, 2009
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When somebody (e.g. a friend) says something out of the ordinary, and you think he/she didn't say it but actually did.
Antonio: Yo I wanna eat your ass. Wait, what?

Carlos: The fuck? I heard what you said, I wasn't born yesterday, fool.
by suburbanguy420 October 02, 2018
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