When a person extrudes fecal matter from the rectum onto the seat and closes the lid firmly.
Oh man!! John left me a waffle! JOHNN!!
by auralian July 20, 2019
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the same as waterfall; smoking device where you burn a hole in the bottom of a bottle and sit it in a larger jug of water. You place the bowl in the top of the bottle and as you pull the bottle out of the water, it fills with smoke, which you then inhale upon removing the bowl. Waffle is a variation of the term water fall, because saying waterfall quickly or with an accent can cause it to sound like waffle
hey man, let's hit some waffles before class
wow man, I'm totally ripped from those waffles
oh crap, i forgot the waffle kit in my car
by anonyme May 14, 2008
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A D.J. and Visual artsit freak of nature addicted to bass and not the drug but the sound frequincy(to bad he's going def) and yeah he's a nice guy.....uh but he can be a dink
party and see if you dare but be ware be ware there might be waffle bass in the air
by D.V. November 10, 2006
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