Acronym for What a douche. Probably used in texting to refer to someone else, or in conversation to remain mostly polite. Like WTF, but more direct.
"So, did you hear that Frank decided to call that chick anyway after she told him off at the bar?"
"Yeah, I did, w.a.d."
by totalg33k October 21, 2013
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an excessive amount of opaque fluid often referred to as semen, cum, jizz, man milk, and/or wang extract, that is projected out of the male genetalia at sexual zenith.
"Man, I just blew my wad in my grandmother's raisin brand as an april fool's joke...This shit is gonna be friggin awesome"
by Daren January 06, 2004
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Wad(n.)1: A data file for id Software's incredibly popular 'Doom' series of games first released in 1993. The term ".Wad" is short for "Where's all the data?" They can be used to distribute user created content as well and thus spawned the videogame modding phenomenon. As of 2006 there are thousands of user created .wads avalible for download.
Person1: "Hey, did you check out that new .wad for doom 2?"
Person2: "Yeah it was a pretty sweet deathmatch map!"
Person1: "Doom forever!"
by Tom Napodano July 10, 2006
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Abbreviation for "What a Dick" ... Used on AIM , MSN , and other instant messaging programs ....
Goerge says "Yo, I wrecked my car into a tree last night"
Tom replied " W.a.D."
by Azn Coolio February 13, 2007
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