Adam's morning ritual in which he covers the wall of the shower with jizz. Is often found in between the toes of the next showerer (Jesse).
That wack sesh lasted 2 hours dawg!
by That one fuck April 23, 2010
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A place in which men go to receive a handjob from another individual who receives monetary compensation for the act.
David went to the wack shack to bust a nut
by Wackshackpatent August 12, 2018
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When something(s) wack happens and you were a part or viewer of the wack experience.
you arrive a minute after Mcdonald's closes the breakfast menu and they will no longer serve you sausage and egg mcmuffins..."man that's wack shows."
by Jaguil01 October 14, 2008
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To smack someone in the face with an ejaculated dick
Yoo i Wack Smacked that bitch i fucked yesterday
by BigGloWop December 27, 2016
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A wack stickk can be defined as an adjective. It can be person fishing or their fishing set up. For example a person fishing with a 7 foot surfcaster with 90 pound test with an 80 pound swivel with a bobber and a rubber worm…generally one of those fucks that pick up fishing as a hobby based on their mid-life crisis or because of “the sickness”
Look at that fucking wack stickk what a pussy scaring away all the fish with that rig
by Mr.Morrill April 15, 2022
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When you hit the girls pube hairs (bush) with your cock
her: stop wack the bush thats pretty weird
Him: why not tho
by Jollabanger October 17, 2018
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