Defined as "What a bloke". It is commonly used on instant messaging services like Windows Live Messenger and in real life. It denotes a degradable, non-offensive image upon the receiver of the word. It can be used instead of shaking ones head.
John says: "I hate talking online, it's stupid."

Mary Says: "WAB"
by Timmy_Boy January 09, 2007
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weak ass bastard
1) originated among highschool cross country teams, the term is used for weak bastards that can't run 3 miles without walking

synonym: gaywad
runner1: What are those pussies doing walking?
runner2: They're a bunch of WABs.
runner1: Oh. We should kick them in the balls to give them some motivation.
by ungringo November 18, 2005
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tits so large and flat they look like dogs ears
look her rank wabs
by rebel girl October 06, 2003
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This is used as a noun. A shortened version for WHAT A BITCH! This usually applies to bitches, whores, fuckers, buddy fuckers, and or wannabe hotties.
OMG, Becky! Lauren is such a WAB! She doesn't do anything but gets all the freakin credit.
by cynthia1204255a September 08, 2009
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a female breast. UK definition which is more jovial than 'boobs', but less juvenile than 'titties'.
phwoar, look at the wabs on that!

by stone flint May 31, 2004
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a mexican guy who speaks spanglish and is into soccer, but dresses in abercrombie and fitch, ae, and hollister
girl 1: look at pablo's ae shirt
girl 2: what a wab
by isabel93 April 29, 2008
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