Acronym for Whack-assed Bull Shit. Term commonly used in software engineering firms to describe the use of archaic or unorganized development methods without regard for discernible logic.
The persistence framework promoted by the seminar was fully-loaded WABS, completely out of touch with reality.
by awshutup August 12, 2009
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What a Bitch, intended for people who are rude or are female dogs. Paul is creator, and diana is the co- founder
Wow Lisa is such a WAB, she is probably on her period.
by Diana Kasanova November 27, 2009
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The acronym for the phrase 'What A Beast' which is used by people when they believe someone or something is good or has done something positive that makes them a 'Beast'.

Is often used in the gaming scene by friends reflecting on something someone did the night before on Xbox Live.

Was created by 'The Beasts' at South Hunsley ;)
Alex: Did you hear about Phill he got a randomy throwey last night!?

Chris: Wow....WAB
by TheRand December 01, 2010
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